Deceptive Entertainment That is Delightfully Wright

Tim Wright Magic

Magic performed in 4 general settings:

Banquet or Clubhouse
Banquet rooms present challenges for performers. People are seated on one level, stages are not sufficiently high enough for good visibility and audio and lighting elements are uncertain unless you get the correct equipment. Knowing these and other challenges will help you get the best program. Tim has worked under many many conditions and has the equipment and know how to make a room work for your event.

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Wedding Magic
Hiring a magician is a great way to amuse your guests during the welcome drinks, and will break the ice as they gather in groups to be amazed. A professional magician is a great addition to any wedding. They will get your guests talking and laughing and will provide lots of memorable moments and wonderful photo opportunities as people react to the magic.

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Stage Magic
Skilldini is a highly accomplished sleight of hand performer with one problem, he's often not in control. This 10 minute act is humorous, clever and always well received. Tim also works on stage with comedy and is a excellent Master of Ceremonies, assuring a show is properly presented. A magician for a birthday party is always a welcome addition.

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Close Up
Close up can be performed seated at a table, standing alongside a table, while "strolling", behind a bar, and can even be done on stage with projection television. Close up magic is also performed by "buskers" who works the streets.

Close up is employed to gather a crowd for corporate trade shows and entertain clients and prospects in hospitality rooms.

Tim has done close up professionally since college, where he worked at Le Metrepol, a French restaurant in Kalamazoo Michigan. Tim's wit, skill and appreciation for proper presentations depending on need, make him a sought after close up magician.

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